My Desk Story Part 2

In Uncategorized on October 7, 2009 at 8:03 am

When you touch the blue bird on My desk, Twitter is loaded. Have fun with reading the real-time comments from your followers, moving around flip clock and navigating Google calendar. It’s just awesome no matter how you use it.

After twitting, put someone’s photo you love, listen to the great music from the player and double-tap on a mug and it will tell you your fortune for a day.

My Desk App

If you feel bored, change color and style of the desk. You can also tidy your desk up placing only calendar or flip clock on it. A cup of coffee and a cute little ladybug is there for you.

“My Desk” changes its color depending on the time. It becomes darker at night and becomes brighter during the day. It couldn’t be better than your actual desk.

My SASSY desk on iPhone, “My Desk” – You won’t need anything else when your iPhone is charging or on standby but My Desk!

Go to App Store

  1. My Google calendar sign is not working. Unable to sync to google calendar – stuck at user name / password.

    • By synchronizing Google Calendar with My Desk, you can check how many appointments you have for the day. Input appointments to google calendar today, then check my desk calendar. you can see how many appointments number in today. Add appointment to today, you can see number of appointment in the My Desk calendar. Thank you!

  2. if you have multiple calendars with google, will this sync all calendars or just one?

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