My Desk : All-in-One Desk for your iPhone / Touch

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My Desk


A clock, calendar, photo frame, GTD, cup of coffee, toy, battery, and Twitter.

Everything is on your desk.

My Desk - To Do

My Desk Calendar

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  1. So the calendar syncs with google calendar? What about the todo list, does that sync with anything? Thanks.

    • Yes, Sync with Google Calendar. To do is standalone program, but sync with other major desktop app or web service in the near future. Thank you for your interesting!

  2. how do i access my google calendar? i set up my account in my settings area on my itouch. when i enter my gcal email & password, then click done, nothing happens. pls help!

    • By synchronizing Google Calendar with My Desk, you can check how many appointments you have for the day. Input appointments to google calendar today, then check my desk calendar. you can see how many appointments number in today. thank you! 🙂

  3. the sync with google calendar doesn’t seem to work. I can input my account info and password. Hit done and nothing happens.

  4. How do I Sync my Google calendar? And for those of us whom don’t Twitter? What are the chance to replace it with Facebook?

    I really like the program… Thanks again…

    • When you double touch to calendar, you can see google calendar account setup screen. We have no plan to replace with facebook yet, but our team consider your valuable request. Thanks you for your purchasing and don’t forget to tell the my desk to your friends! 🙂

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